The Department

Welcome to Medicine Lake, home of Shantytown, where the streets are paved in ice! You, like the rest of us, have left your lives elsewhere to create new ideas of home, play, art, work, possibility and community. Here, anything is possible and all thing are probable. We at the Department of Everything Else are committed to preserving and proliferating the culture we’re daily creating. As a new immigrant you’ll want to stop by the Department to get your Shantytown citizenship card. While you’re here, apply for a few permits, help us stock the People’s Apothecary or share your home-remedies, try your hand at portraiture in our Facebook, or peruse our fine collection of Shantytown historical artifacts. You may become so swept away by our enthusiasm for all things Shanty, that you too will begin feverishly filing or spouting odes to life on-ice.

The Department of Everything Else is home to the Provost of Public Works, Cora Cabinski, the Commissioner of Cultural Affairs, Henrietta Hovelton, and their assistant, the Deputy of Documentation. Abandoning their former lives as overworked, underapprecaited file clerks, Cabinski and Hovelton arrived in Shantytown looking for something more. They built a Shanty and began to assign themselves important official (and not so official) tasks. Fueled by their zeal for the Shantytown community, they have expanded and improved their shack to accommodate the many needs of the town and its residents. Their small home has become a Public Works, history museum, apothecary, community center, inn, town hall, stage and much, much more.

Join Cabinski, Hovelton and all of the employees at the Department of Everything Else in creating, continuing, and cataloguing the temporary culture of a community on a frozen lake. Shantytown: expanding notions of what life can be.


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