Safety, Sanitation & Contacts

While Cora Cabinski and Henrietta Hovelton love nothing more than filing and documentation, the folks who play them, Kelsey Nelsen and Alicia Dvorak love nothing more than ensuring your time on the lake is safe and, um… clean.

The Department of Everything Else will be stocked with a first aid kit, many warm blankets and hot tea.  In the event of an emergency, or minor mishap, the shanty will be cleared of all visitors and Nelsen and Dvorak will assist you in warming up or bandaging that scrape.  Please direct lost children and parents to the Department.

The Department also oversees garbage and sewage in shantytown.  If you spot a problem with trash or one of the portable toilets, please let us know and we will correct the problem immediately.

As on-ice coordinators, Nelsen and Dvorak will be on-ice throughout the duration of the project.  They may be reached weekdays for any questions or concerns at: or 715-271-4693


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