Visitors, residents, passers-by and soon-to-be citizens! Looking to get more out of your visit to Shantytown? You’ve come to the right place! By collaborating with the Department of Everything Else you can actively participate in creating the very culture our employees work so hard to document. How, you say? Come prepared to participate in one of the Department’s many projects!

The Popular Apothecary: Health Care for all! The Popular Apothecary is medicine for the people, by the people. Bring your ideas for a malady you’d like to heal (for example: homesickness, envy, bruised ego) as well as ingredients and a vessel. The Department has a stash of tiny bottles and found objects (for example: sand, dried plants, old magazines) but you are encouraged to personalize your remedy by including components that are meaningful to you. We’ll help you number and label your cure and arrange it in the Apothecary for use by other citizens. Return the last weekend of the projects (February 4th and 5th) to write yourself or a friend a prescription and take a tonic home!

Home-Remedy Zine: Do you have a fail-proof cure for the hiccups? Does your Grandmother make the best hawthorne cough syrup around? We’d like to know about it! The Department of Everything Else will be publishing a Home-Remedy Zine as part of the Popular Apothecary. Copy down your family recipes and share them in our handsome hand-bound book!

Town Meeting: The Department will hold a town meeting every day at 4:00. If you have proposals to propose, budgets to cut, outlandish statements to make, district lines to re-draw, complaints to wail, town anthems to perform or parades to organize, this is the place to do it! Be an active citizen of Shantytown and voice your opinion!


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