The Department heads West!

doee at oe

Greetings from Oregon!  The trusty staff at the DOEE have been issuing permits, implementing a Program for Merit Distribution, collecting portraits in our Facebook and meeting hundreds of new people.  Where, you ask?  Why, at Portland State University’s Art and Social Practice conference, Open Engagement.  Artists from all over the world have descended upon the City of Roses for paneling, friending, eating, project-ing, and workshopping.  Despite the rain, our spirits are high as we continue archiving to our hearts’ delight.  We have attended workshops on a variety of topics, including Ruralscapes, Puppets, Keynotes, and Craft.

We have hosted workshops in such admirable skills as rounds, finding your inner angsty teen diva, and mad-lib poems.  We are offering the following merit badges for skills learned in these workshops: Information Revelation, Got it Made, Rock the Block, and Spread the Word.  Anyone can sign up to teach a workshop, and anyone can attend, so for those of you in Portland, come on down to Shattuck Hall this weekend for some Departmental fun!