A shackfull of music

What a weekend!  Visitors on Sunday were estimated to number around 2,700!  The press has been covering the Projects left and right and we here at the Department have been busily issuing permits and citizenship, collecting remedies and generally documenting the people of Shantytown.

This week is bittersweet as we look forward to the upcoming last weekend of the project.  Our cozy shack over frozen waters has come to mean so much to us.  Life here is different- as we like to say, Shantytown is what you make of it.  So while the youngsters dream of shanties free from little brothers and full of lemonade and money trees, we dreamed of making a place where our enthusiasm for this temporary community could pull former strangers into the fold.  As we sit around our new murphy table, singing and snacking with other fine Shantytown residents, we feel our dream fulfilled.  With every citizenship or permit we issue and every remedy we shelve, we step closer to making this place a sort of home for anyone who’s willing.  We ask citizenship applicants to “Imagine your new life in Shantytown.”  So far, their new lives are nothing but amazing.  From friendships with yetis and escape from boredom to magical abilities and having the job they’ve always wanted, Shantytown has inspired folks to dream bigger.

The Popular Apothecary

Flim and Flam

Roe Family Singers


















The Department was host to several musical performances this past weekend.  Saturday The Roe Family Singers performed a double-decker show.  Visitors were stomping their boots to their old-timey musical stylings.  Sunday morning we hosted a shape note Singing.  Our many voices could be heard from the parking lot.  Sunday afternoon the girl band Flim and Flam performed in the loft to a packed house.  The crowd chanted, “Flim, Flam, Flim, Flam!” as the girls sang their hearts out.  As we point our snowboots toward the last weekend, we at the Department are treasuring our final days on Medicine Lake .  We’re looking forward to dispensing remedies from the Popular Apothecary and an upcoming jugband performance.

We’ll still have a few days on the ice after this weekend to relax and soak up all the shack living we can get.


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