Some of our fine Citizens

We at the Department wanted to share a few of the Citizenship applications we’ve received. 

Chloe’s new life in Shantytown includes her mom, dad and Cora, but not her little brother. We respect that. Shatytown can be whatever you make it.

Jonah’s shanty will have a fireplace, stove, fancy lights and an awesome sleeping loft. We’re considering hiring him to design the addition we’re planning for the Department.

 We haven’t heard whether U.S. immigration has accepted Isaic’s Shatytown Citizenship card as valid proof of residence.  We hope so.

Maggie will be sleeping in an igloo.  With penguins.  We love penguins too.

Penguins everywhere.  Sully’s is real handsome.

Yes Penelope, most people would agree that Shantytown IS full of peace and love!

You too can become a citizen of Shantytown!  Just drop by the Department of Everything Else and fill out an application.  Most everyone is naturalized and we promise to approve you with the same enthusiasm we bring to all things Shanty.




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