Things are heating up

100 degrees!!!

The Hummingbirds

Temperatures in the Department have swung this week from a windchill of -20 (we woke up with frost covering our sleeping bags and steam issuing from our bodies) to 100 degrees in the daytime when our stove was blasting and the sun coming in through our beautiful wall-length windows.

The second weekend was a busy one in the Department of Everything Else.  So far we’ve naturalized 224 citizens, processed over 150 permits, and have shelved 19 remedies in the Popular Apothecary.  Henrietta and Cora were in seventh heaven with all of the filing that had to be done throughout the weekend.  On Saturday the Department hosted the lovely Hummingbirds in our loft.  Folks were stomping their snowboots and clapping mittened hands.  Sunday featured another musical performance by Ghosts I Have Been.  We loved seeing how many fine citizens could squeeze into the Department to listen to some otherworldly tunes.

We have been quite busy documenting life in Shantytown for our public records.  People have been eager to record each other’s portraits in our Facebook and share home remedies for the zine we’ll be publishing.  The Popular Apothecary has cured a number of irksome ailments such as modern apathy, indecision, stuckness, and not enough time.

This week should be quieter as all the residents of Shantytown settle into their routines. Maybe we’ll even have time for a sewing circle.


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