A Busy Week At The Department

What a week!  When Kelsey arrived in Minneapolis on Friday after 30 plus hours of driving cross-country, Alicia had a mostly assembled shanty waiting in our build space.  With just a week to go until Opening Day the next several days were a whirlwind of activity.  Long days of building and running around preparing forms and files but mostly helping the 20 Shanties install on the ice.  The weather swung from 55 to 7 in just a few days and so out on Medicine Lake Shanty Wrangling became our daily occupation.

From levering shacks out of gaping holes to chasing down speeding runaway shanties, we were kept very busy.












Opening Day in Shantytown was on the 14th.  The Department of Everything Else was bustling with activity as visitors applied to become Shantytown citizens and filed for permits for hot dogs, dancing, building, children and yellow among other things.  We are sleeping on the lake full-time now.  With no running water or electricity our lives have become slower, colder, and simply beautiful.  Our oatmeal tastes better cooked over a woodstove.


The Popular Apothecary will be open next weekend. Come concoct a cure for what ails you – homesickness, envy, terrible dance moves – the possibilities are endless. Bring a jar or ingredients (such as herbs and found objects) to help make your cure.

We’d love to get a letter from you! Send us notes, poems, drawings, knitted things, or other creations to:

The Department of Everything Else
c/o Alicia Dvorak
2205 Bloomington Ave S
Minneapolis, MN 55404

(be sure to let us know where to send something back!)


2 thoughts on “A Busy Week At The Department

  1. I intent to take my duties as Sheriff seriously! That includes watching out for the big bad wolf, the howling wind and the bitter cold! Call,text, e-mail or shout if you need assistant or a warm meal.

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